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Flower Temple QV

Artemis Lane

Melbourne CBD 3000

Flower Temple is a luxurious fusion of beauty, pampering, entertainment, literature, floriculture and learning....a floral forum to be discovered in one of Melbourne's clandestine laneways. The principle behind the concept of Flower Temple is an area of worship devoted to nature and the harmony that surrounds it. Flower Temple vaults the art and theatre of floristry and unique events to spectacular heights.

Like the ancient baths of the Roman Empire where spiritual spaces were for entertainment, solace and healing, each room at Flower Temple delights as you curl your way through the store and discover decadent spaces and retreats to savour. Flower Temple is an organic and sensory journey for the customer.

Flower Temple is a pivotal and expansive space that encompasses a full spectrum of kaleidoscopic colour from the entrance onwards. As you wind your way around the flower spring, ancient temple doors appear as a gateway to your imagination. Beautiful flowers spill from urns and rockeries in an enchanted indoor garden.

Discover the temptations that beckon beyond the blooms as the scent of freshly brewed coffee gently awaken the senses. Flower Temple's cafe, 'Dolce', offers a respite from the hustle bustle of city life where you can forget the daily grind and unwind over a latte, flick through a garden book or treat yourself to a fresh pastry or muffin. Under the vines of Artemis Lane you can watch the passing parade as you enjoy our al fresco area spilling out across historic bluestone.

Flower Temple is designed to reinvent the public perception of floristry through beauty, experience, education and wonder.

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